How Chord Machine Works
There are seven chords in every major or minor key called the diatonic chords. These chords sound great together in almost any order and they are the foundation of all great pop and rock songs of the last century. Chord Machine uses these chords as well as:
  • First and second inversions
  • Major seventh chords
  • Minor seventh chords
  • Dominant seventh chords
  • Add nines
  • Flat three
  • Flat six
  • Flat seven
  • Secondary dominant chords

There are over 2 million
possible chord progressions!

This means that you can play with Chord Machine all day and never see the same song twice! It also means that, on occasion, you'll get a chord progression that doesn't really work for you. That's why you have the option to edit. Just tap the lock icon underneath the chords you'd like to keep and shake it again to replace the chords you don't like!

Save Your Favorites for Later
Chord Machine

After you've found the chords that inspire genius, it's up to you! Play it on guitar or press the piano button to see the chords on piano. Keep the key signature or use the arrows on the side to raise or lower the key. On a bus with no guitar? Just touch the chord diagrams to hear the progression! Strum it in 4/4! Pound it out on the piano in 6/8 doo-wap style! Fingerpick it! Palm mute it! Throw it out and start over! It's your song now!

Finally, when you've got your next hit press add to archive it with the rest of your favorites and come back to it later.

Chord Machine won't write your songs for you but it's a fun place to start and sometimes that's all you need!

Chord Machine

  • writes awesome four chord progressions in every major and minor key (over 2 million possible)

  • allows you to re-roll any or all of the four chords

  • switches from guitar chord diagrams to piano chords and back

  • plays the guitar or piano chords as you touch them

  • gives you the freedom to switch to any key at any time

  • has a handy back button for when you've gone too far

  • saves your favorite chord progressions forever

  • books your shows and gets you a record deal (coming soon)